About us

About us

Why should you choose our canned green peas or sweet corn?

You get highest quality products:

  • Our products have been manufactured in Hungary in a clean environment, under strictly controlled GMO-free conditions, from raw material processed freshly after the harvest.
  • The products do not contain any preservatives or any other artificial additive; they have been conserved with the most modern vacuum closing and heat treatment procedure.
  • Checked and certified manufacturing and packaging process.


The following company presentation gives you all the information:

EKO Canning Ltd has been owned 100% by a Hungarian family since January, 2006, while its legal successor has been a participant in the business life of Nyíregyháza and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county for nearly fifty years.

Thanks to the factory’s conditions (producers’ background, location, technology, and advanced logistics), our company is among the three largest green peas and sweet corn processing, canning and exporting companies.

We control the entire product line, from the production of the raw materials, through processing and packaging, to the delivery, which means that only healthy and high quality products get onto our consumers’ desks.

Our company manufactures about seventy different products in different packaging:

Our canned products:

  • green peas  
  • sweet corn
  • beans

Our products in jars:

  • Jams (Grandma’s jam)
  • Sauces
  • Compotes (for diabetics, too)
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Ketchup


The factory has been producing canned products since 1964, and during this time it has gained manufacturing experience and worked out the formulas of thousands of products.

We are proud that most of our employees work for our company for several decades and they know everything about the canning industry, that is, from what raw materials high quality and healthy food can and should be made. Our company’s annual statistical staff includes 224 persons, which consists of permanent and seasonal employees. In a season, close to 350 people are working on the premises. The agricultural integration, involving thousands of hectares, provides hundreds of producers and their families with work and living.

In addition to the 50 years of history, the most modern technology is available to us, which is capable of large-scale production and allows the use of state of the art closing (vacuum) and heat treatment (sterilization, pasteurization) technologies.

In this way we manufacture products that do not contain any preservatives.

Also, we are proud that the used raw materials have been produced in Hungary under strictly controlled conditions, only in clean soil and environment, and the freshly harvested raw material which gets into our products has undergone only the necessary chemical treatment.

We maintain close and daily working relationship with our more than hundred farming contract partners. The total of the approximately 3,200 hectares of agricultural land is located within 50 kilometers of the plant’s premises.

Some facts about Hungary’s climatic conditions:

  • the annual average temperature ranges from 8.8 ° C to 11.5 ° C
  • the number of sunshine hours is moderately high: 1,900 to 2,200 hours / year
  • the annual rainfall quantity is between 500-800 millimeters, but 60% of our lands is irrigated

Our company employs a dedicated team to schedule and control the agricultural production and to organize the harvesting work. This allows us to create the right choice of species, the selection of proper soil, and the checking of the planting plan and plant protection, as well as the availability of other conditions necessary for the production of high quality raw materials. It also allows product improvements according to the customer's individual needs.

It is an interesting fact that the raw material gets into the cans within 4 to 5 hours after harvesting when canned green peas and sweet corn is produced.

Our company considers the protection of our environment as highest priority. We operate one of the most advanced biological wastewater pre-treatment systems in Hungary. This plant makes it possible to discharge pre-cleaned wastewater into the municipal sewage system purity of which satisfies the strictest national and European Union standards. Gas is produced from the residual so-called sewage sludge in a nearby biogas plant.

The above facts have been recognized by qualifying agencies; our company has all the quality certificates available in the food industry: HACCP, ISO 9001: 2008, IFS, and GMO-free products.

Nearly 80% of our products are exported mainly to the countries of the European Union, and a significant and growing proportion of our exports are aimed to Ukraine, Russia and the former Soviet countries.

We offer a reliably established logistics system and routes to our wholesale partners towards east and west, and we are able to make direct deliveries to retail chains, as well.

We recommend our products to you and your family wholeheartedly and I wish you good health:

János Balogh                                                    
Owner and Managing Director